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Dear Fellow Business Owner, 

  from Mehak (AKA the Top Internet Business Queen)

Award Winning Internet Business Queen and creator of Master Millionaires, Podcaster and Entrepreneur, Mehak Naheem welcomes you to the opportunity of working together. If you would like to find out more about me CLICK HERE

I am a successful Internet Marketer who has helped changed many lives, whether you want to make an extra few hundred a month, replace your income or earn 6 figures from the comfort of your home… it’s possible with the internet.

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Want To Create An Amazing Business That Turns Prospects Into Loyal, Trusting Buyers?

Many people struggle online (including myself) spending hard earned money (£12k+) and precious time (YEARS) trying to make it all work on their own… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine you had email support when setting up a new marketing campaign, or someone to look over your websites… Make or break the future of YOUR business…

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 Coaching Calls With Top Online Business Queen, Answering Your Business/Marketing Questions

 Email Support

Members only Facebook group

Downloadable slides

Resources list from coachings

Personal Back Office Training Tutorial Library Worth $12,000+ Teaching You Basics To Advanced Online Marketing

Learn Blogging, Search Engine Ranking, Social Media, Video, Email Marketing and Much More!

Boost Profits & Learn Where You Went Wrong with an improved Sales Funnel Battle This Recession (and prosper in ANY down economy)…
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24/7 Worldwide Access To Recorded Calls For Future Access 

Step by Step Tutorials To Build Your Online Business From SCRATCH!

Q: Who Is This Training For?

    • Anyone wanting to learn more about how to make money online
    • Existing business owners wanting to learn how to create a greater online presence and increase profits
    • Start-ups entrepreneurs
    • Experts wishing to increase their income

Q: How can I ask specific questions if there’s only one of me?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions live at trainings or email me before hand and I will either cover it live or personally email you. I only allow a specific number of members to join at the one time so I can spend time with everyone that needs it and if I can’t cover everything at one coaching we will have more than one for that week.

Q: Why should I join now?

The doors are open now and FREE access for anyone who joins me in MAPS and starts taking action. Join HERE for FREE  Over time new features will be added to the coaching and current members can benefit from them at no cost. It doesn’t matter where you are on your online journey, even if you don’t know what to sell or which marketing to choose from. You can learn the tactics in my training and apply them when suits your business but having the knowledge will make it a lot easier for you and give you clarity. You will literally save £££’s on trying out different marketing strategies and save YEARS trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The training is there to fast track the process for you.

With Josh Jackson 8 Figure Entrepreneur

STOP wasting your valuable Time, Money and Resources –There’s no SHAME in Getting the Help You Need!

  • how much stress would you constantly need to suffer from before you jeopardise your relationship & give up?
  • How much money would you have to spend on advertising which gives Little or NO return?
  • How long will you spend… 6, 12 or another 18+ months STRUGGLING to figure out this Internet Marketing malarki?
  • How old will your child have to be before you realise what you’re doing isn’t working?

Did you know that over 97% of Online Businesses FAIL within their First Year of Starting Up?

Most online marketers spend a £1k+ a month on advertising their online businesses – I repeat a £1k+ With NO RETURN! Do you have a £12k annual marketing budget? -Didn’t think so!

Work with a genuine and successful mentor, someone who has been there and Done it! Learn from MY mistakes so you can fast forward your results 🙂

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So if you need that extra bit of REASSURANCE here it is! What have you got to LOSE? You can jump online with myself (an industry EXPERT) to get the help where YOU need it most! Wouldn’t that feel PRICELESS?

Members also get a step by step tutorials course showing you set up your online business step by step!

Once you have joined MAPS I will contact you with the login to my Members ONLY training (worth $12k+) if you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours please message me on Facebook or email me at

Best of Success



Mehak Naheem

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